About & services

Biomedically Educated Statistical Team is a team of biologists, biotechnologists, medical doctors, psychologists and mathematicians who obtained also a postgraduate diploma in Biostatistics at a medical university and who have performed at least 10 statistical analyses in the biomedical field.

Thanks to diversified education and experience we may offer comprehensive services in planning experiments, performing statistical analyses and interpreting results in whole life sciences field.

We offer:

BASIC statistical methods

Planning of biomedical experiments

Sample size and power test calculation

Data cleaning and coding

Data visualisation

Probability and combinatorics

Sampling and randomization

Descriptive statistics

Parametrical and non-parametrical tests

Analysis of qualitative data


Linear regression

Non-linear regression

Logistic regression

Cox regression

Survival analysis

ROC curves

Advanced statistical methods


Log-linear model


Time series forecasting


Principal component analysis

Correspondence analysis

Discriminant analysis

Affinity analysis

Classification and regression trees

Cluster analysis

Data mining

Neural networks

Medical predicting

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